Smart City / Broadband Community: Management Tool

From Inception to Deployment - One single tool, accessible to anyone in the project

Broadband Survey

Developing, distributing and tabulating Survey's are time consuming.
We have many examples of Survey questions, possible answers, weighting factors built in for Community Broadband. All you have to do, pick and choose the appropriate Survey for your project and start the process!!!

Existing Network Inventory

We made it easy to collect and store the Network Asset's in one single Inventory Managmeent Tool. Use our urvey Questions to Collect Existing Network Inventory within the Community.

Business Case

Don't just use Worksheet!!!

User our GAAP Standards based Accounting system to capture your business base. 
Capital Expense, Operating Expense, Revenue
Business Case


Project Management

Manage your project from a Web Based tool accessible from anywhere, any device, any time!!!

Our project managmeent tool provide project templates for Community Broadband Projects. Instead of spending days developing your project plan, use our template to just start your project, manage  and create stunning status report for stakeholders!!!

Knowledge Repository

Manage your project repository accessible by anyone on the project!!  

Share it with your community if you like and get the feedback. All from the same single easy to use tool!!!

Cost Accounting

Ever wondered what is the true cost of the project??

User our GAAP Standards based Accounting system to capture your true cost of the project. Our system track the cost automatically once you setup the option to track the cost.