Broadband Survey Example 2

Are you responding to this survey as: (Please select one option) *

Which of these, if any, do you use or own? (please select all that apply) *

What do you do online? (please select all that apply) *

How often do you use the internet? (please select one option) *

What is the 'up-to' download speed that your Internet Service Provider claims to provide? For example up to 20mbps is a common feature of many broadband service packages. (Please select one option) *

What is your upload speed? *

What is download speed? *

How reliable is your internet service?(please select one option) *

How satisfied are you with your current broadband performance? (please select one option) *

Are you aware of any provision of Superfast Broadband (faster than 25mbps) in your area? (please select one option) *

Would you support the roll out of superfast broadband in Central Bedfordshire? (please select one option) *

If available in your area, would you want Superfast Broadband? *

In some areas superfast broadband infrastructure lies outside premise boundaries. Due to technical and physical constraints the cost of connection varies. How much would you be willing to pay for a connection to your premises? (please select one option) *

Do you have any other comments about internet access and speed?

If you would you be happy to share your details with commercial broadband providers to raise the profile of demand in Central Bedfordshire and help us to attract market investment into the area to deliver better services please provide your contact details below. *